Ceremony be damned, military tot gets hug from mom (VIDEO)

Cooper Waldvogel is one 3-year-old who won’t stop to jerk around with some dumb ceremony when it means he can’t get his hug on.

After returning from a nine-month stretch in Afghanistan, Cooper could not wait for his mom and the rest of the soldiers with the National Guard’s 114th Transportation Company to be dismissed and charged in on the ceremony to embrace his mother, Kathryn Waldvogel, 25.

“I was longing to hold him, that’s all that I thought about,” said Kathryn.

“It melts my heart, it’s so great,” she said.

“He kind of did the same thing for me,” said Cooper’s dad, Adam Waldvogel, 26. Adam returned from serving with the 850th Horizontal Engineers in Afghanistan last December.

For much of his life Cooper has lived without one or both of his parents.

“He’s the definition of resiliency, that’s for sure,” Adam said.


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