Tahmooressi family says border shutdown protest not acceptable (VIDEO)

The mother of a former Marine imprisoned in Mexico for taking several firearms into the country is condemning protests planned for Saturday that aim to shut down the border.

The website “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” claims a woman named Stasyi Barth has organized 16 rallies to block trade routes in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.

Andrew Tahmooressi’s family posted a statement on Facebook Thursday saying the planned border shut down is not an acceptable way to protest the veteran’s confinement:

“The family would like to make clear that we believe any plan to shut down border crossings is not an acceptable way to protest Andrew’s confinement. Demonstrations like this are not legal, not effective and needlessly inconveniences and endangers others, including hard working law enforcement officers and citizens on both sides of the border,” the post reads. “The family also believes plans to ‘rescue Andrew out of prison’ would be considered an act of violence and subject many including Andrew to probable harm.”

A group of nearly 100 bikers rode from a Harley Davidson store in San Diego to the border in July to call for Tahmooressi’s release. Other protestors include two veterans who are marching some 300 miles from North Carolina to Washington D.C. to show their support.

Veteran and TV personality Montel Williams has been an outspoken supporter of the Tahmooressi family and also wants to see the border shutdown stopped in its tracks. He shared on Facebook:

NONE OF US have the right to disrespect the wishes of the ‪#‎Tahmooressi‬ family. NO ONE has the right to be more angry than they are. Andrew served his country with distinction — he has told his fellow marines he DOES NOT want to be “rescued.” He wants us to maintain pressure on the Mexican system to handle his case expeditiously to its inevitable conclusion.

This protest planned for this weekend is entirely unhelpful, will be entirely INEFFECTIVE and will do nothing more than make the job of those in our Government, including the State Department (who have been an incredible support to the family) and Chairmen Salmon and Rice who have worked tirelessly for Andrew’s release and who have called a hearing for October 1 before the Foreign Relations Committee.

I know we are all frustrated. To anyone who would disrespect the wishes of the family, I would say simply, HOW DARE YOU.

Williams will join Tahmooressi’s mother, Jill Tahmooressi, at a congressional subcommittee hearing on Oct. 1.

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