Secret Service 'uneasy' about more guns in D.C. (VIDEO)

The U.S. Secret Service is “very uneasy” about the prospect of more guns on Washington D.C. streets as legislators review a new gun carry law.

The federal agency is asking District officials to include broad restrictions on the public carrying of firearms — a provision once banning the practice is under a temporary stay, the Washington Post reported.

“I understand that the Secret Service is very uneasy,” D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson said during a news conference Monday.

A federal judge struck down the District’s ban on open carry in July, which prompted officials to draft new regulations on the practice.

An early draft contained language that banned the carrying of weapons near the White House, but that provision never made it into the emergency bill because officials thought it seemed unenforceable.

With the stay set to expire next month, legislators are quick to pass a bill before the federal ruling eliminates several District gun regulations in place, the Post reported.

The White House has beefed up security after two separate incidents involving individuals hopping the fence — one of whom, a former Army sniper with a knife, made it into the building before being apprehended on Monday.

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