Store clerk kills would-be robber in Houston convenience store (VIDEO)

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With his family held at gunpoint at their convenience store in Houston, Usman Seth, 20, acted quickly, shooting and killing a man later identified as Sam Abugalboush, who was armed with a shotgun.

Seeing his daughter, who was working the register, being threatened by Abugalboush, Seth’s father passed him a 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol that he bought to protect the store.

“I wanted to make the threat go away. My family — their lives — were in my hands,” Seth told the Houston Chronicle. “I had to protect them.”

Seth pulled the trigger once, hitting him in the leg. Abugalboush, injured, got up on the other leg and when he lifted the shotgun up again, Seth shot him several more times in the chest. With Abugalboush on the ground, Seth disarmed him.

By the time first responders arrived at the scene, Abugalboush was dead.

Abugalboush had a history of theft, weapons and drug possession. The case is expected to be referred to a grand jury but so far the police say it’s a straightforward case of self-defense.

However the threat to the Seth family remains as Abugalboush’s brother has returned to the store to vow revenge. “We are continuously getting threats from them,” said Seth’s father, 59, also named Usman.

The surveillance camera footage has been uploaded to LiveLeak, which shows Abugalboush casing the store a few hours before the attempted robbery.


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