Shooting the SCAR 17S suppressed (VIDEO)

Of course hickok45’s .308 is going to be a SCAR 17S. His go-to handguns are Glocks so it stands to reason that his go-to .30-cal. is a SCAR.

If it turns out he drives a hybrid, though, we are gonna have words.

Now the star of this show isn’t the SCAR but the accessories, chiefly the Mack Brothers .308-7.62 Varminter 2.0 suppressor. It’s a simple direct-thread silencer that’s constructed with a titanium body to cut weight and stainless steel baffles that are user-serviceable.

It’s pretty affordable, too, with the bead-blasted model running just $855. The other accessory is the Super SCAR trigger by Geissele Automatics which is priced at $355.


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