The Can Cannon is becoming a reality (VIDEO)

X Products, a prominent name in drum magazines, has been teasing us with its Can Cannon, an AR-15 upper that lets users launch unopened 12-ounce canned drinks 100 yards or more when used with 5.56/.223 blanks for a while now but they’ve finally set up a pre-order page.

Can Cannon is not taking pre-orders just yet but it’s one step closer to making this must-have upper a reality. No one wants this to be vaporware.

Part of the delay has been due to the wait for Federal approval. After all, this is a very big bore device, but it’s no firearm even if it uses AR-15 lowers.

“Why would you launch a soda can, because it’s fun, plus it’s an incredibly fast and fun decoy to shoot at,” explains X Products. “Every demonstration leads to more smiles and laughs than any product we’ve ever introduced. Expect upon BATFE approval (due in 3 weeks) a variety of parts and accessories, from net launchers, to decoy dog training devices.”

If you feel the need for a Can Cannon in your bones head over to the pre-pre-order page and hit refresh every so often. It’s coming.

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