Syrian woman records life of French jihadi brides (VIDEO)

With over 150 French women and girls compelled or lured to Syria to become “jihadi brides” one Syran woman took the risk of secretly recording the lives of women under ISIS rule in the de-facto capitol city of Raqqa.

While some of these women have returned to Syria to live with their husbands and families, Islamic state radicals are doing everything in their power to tempt women into working in Syria and other radicalized areas as part of a propaganda machine.

These women are expected to serve, be happy and relate good will and news to their families not living under ISIS control to combat foreign portrayals of ISIS through social media.

They are also a recruiting tool for more Western jihadi brides, who have the “honor” to raise the next generation of Islamic “warriors” and target American, British and French women to join their cause.

This anonymous Syrian woman is working to expose the propaganda for what it is in cooperation with France 2, a French public television network.


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