Would you like a virtual gun range in your living room? (VIDEO)

Sixense Entertainment is a virtual reality developer that wants to take digital entertainment in a new direction with its STEM System. The STEM System is both a dedicated platform for specific applications as well as a completely-immersive video game interface.

The idea is to not just use virtual reality to augment video games, but to also have it for everyday activities, which thanks to Sixense, also includes a little range time.

Although it costs more than a couple afternoons on the firing line STEM packages start at $299, which includes two controllers, enough to get behind a virtual Desert Eagle, anyway.

Still, the system is capable of a whole lot more. Eventually the team plans to expand to five-point tracking systems including both arms and legs for a full-body virtual reality experience. In theory you can have a virtual 3-gun match in your living room. Check it out.

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