Louisiana restaurant gives discount to all armed patrons (VIDEO)

If you happen to be in Port Allen, La., and have a craving for fried catfish, smoked chicken, barbecue and cracklins there’s one restaurant you should have on your short list, especially if you’ve got a new holster to show off.

Bergeron’s Restaurant offers 10 percent off the ticket price for armed customers to encourage customers who carry daily. The new policy started just a few weeks ago and has been a big success.

“If you have a gun on you, I’m going to give you a discount,” said Kevin Cox, the owner of Bergeron’s, to WAFB.

“My friends and relatives would come in with their guns on their holster. I felt good about that. It made me feel safer that they were there with their gun so why not include all good citizens with the officers too,” said Cox.

Not only does Cox feel like this makes his customers safer, he enjoys that it promotes the Second Amendment.

“I think it protects the restaurant. It discourages people from breaking in. If they think someone may have a gun and it’s concealed, you’ll think twice about coming in and robbing somebody,” said Steve Moore, a customer.

Even people who don’t carry in Bergeron’s appreciate the special.

“You feel safer because I mean somebody walks in and wants to rob the place, they’re going to think twice when they see it’s not a gun free place,” said Mike Campbell, who forgot to bring a gun with him this time.

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