Gun control group responds to critics with 'mean tweets' video (VIDEO)

In the style of late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence on Saturday released a video response to its most verbal critics on Twitter.

The YouTube video features members of CSGV in front of an pro-gun control banner reading several “mean tweets” to the camera and responding.

“.@csgv is either a parody account or an idiot. I’m thinking the latter,” read one tweet.

To which, Lori Haas, Virginia state director for CSGV responded, “I’m thinking both,” then laughed.

“Considered getting a libel lawyer? You could sue @CSGV for their old computers and Ladd’s chin fuzz,” said CSGV’s Ladd Everitt, reading the tweet before laughing.

CSGV receives communication from pro-gun activists daily, some of which is dark, disturbing and threatening, Everitt told in an email.

Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.  And none of us here at CSGV take ourselves so seriously that we can’t have some fun at our own expense as well,” Everitt said. “Our work for the most part is serious, sober and trying; but you have to make time to smile.”

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