New SilencerCo Saker and Specwar, and lifestyle swag (VIDEO)

SilencerCo is rolling out a new run of lighter weight, more compact K models of its hugely successful Saker 556 and Specwar 556 suppressors along with an updated catalog of outerwear and accessories for people who live the suppressed lifestyle.

The new suppressors are for shooters who want an outdoors hearing-safe can but put a priority on low muzzle weight and maneuverability.

These cans were designed to military requirements for lighter-handling silencers and are now available for the commercial market. They use the same mounting systems as their larger counterparts.

The Specwar K 556 measures in at 6.2 inches long and weighs 13.7 ounces, more than an inch shorter and almost 6 ounces less than the standard Specwar 556. The Saker 556 is also about an inch shorter and weighs 5 ounces less than the standard model.

Both maintain the 1.5-inch outer diameter for use with extended rails and other accessories that extend past the muzzle.

While they are significantly smaller the new suppressors are only marginally less capable of noise suppression. The Specwar 556 is rated at 133 decibels and the Saker 556 is 134 decibels while the K models are rated at 137 and 136.1 decibels, respectively.

That’s enough of a difference to notice a change between the original and K models’ performances but not so much that it may compromise the shooter with dangerous levels of noise.

The new suppressors follow the original designs closely and like many SilencerCo products, have Stellite baffle stacks, an incredibly durable and wear-resistant cobalt alloy.

The Specwar K uses a similar quick-detach system that ensures a positive, repeatable lockup that minimizes impact shift, called Active Spring Retention mounting system

The Saker K uses the same modular Multiple Accessory Attachment Device mounting system that can be used with SilencerCo’s Trifecta RS mount by default, as well as its 51 Tooth Mount, Y-Mount, Specwar Mount or with a direct thread adapter.

The Saker K also maintains the MAAD Cap system that lets the user quickly replace the end cap of a the suppressor, the part most likely to suffer a strike, or swap the cap for different options including an extended flash suppressor for use with very short barrels.

One nice thing about these new cans are new, lower prices. Both are $50 less than the full-size models with list prices at $750 for the Specwar K and $1,150 for the Saker K. These are MSRPs so real-world prices are a bit less and also include a SilencerCo Trifecta flash hider.

The Trifecta flash hider was designed specifically to eliminate ringing which is common to standard prong-style flash suppressors.

These are excellent packages both, two of some of the best-performing suppressors on the market, one advanced model that’s at the forefront of suppressor design, the Saker K 556 and one simple model for shooters looking to pocket the difference without sacrificing quality, the Specwar K 556.


Hilarious tight T’s to show off your sculpted chest and chiseled biceps with rad tribal tats. (Photo: SilencerCo)

Along with these is a new line of SilencerCo lifestyle accessories, including hats, tees, hoodies and jackets. “Don’t drone me bro.”

Of course, you don’t have to go out of pocket to get your hands on some SilencerCo goodies. The company is currently holding a giveaway called “Living in the Red,” a preparedness-themed photo contest. For all this and more visit the SilenecerCo website.

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