Off-duty cop arrested after pulling gun during road rage incident (VIDEO)

An off-duty Detroit police officer was arrested Friday night in Birmingham, Michigan, after he allegedly pulled a gun on another person during a fit of road rage.

The incident occurred about 7 p.m., a local ABC affiliate reported. The off-duty officer, who has not yet been publicly identified because no charges have been filed, was said to have cut off another driver. The two vehicles — a 2005 Subaru driven by the off-duty officer and an SUV with a couple from Beverly Hills — continued on the same road for some time. The other driver eventually caught up to the off-duty officer and that’s when things went downhill.

“We’re told the officer rolled his window down and pointed the gun in their direction,” Birmingham Police Cmdr. Terry Kiernan told the Birmingham Eccentric Newspaper in a statement. “Whether he was pointing the gun directly at them is something that still has to be determined.”

At that point, the other driver slowed down and called 911, but continued to follow the officer’s vehicle from a distance. By that time, the vehicles had traveled to neighboring Royal Oak.

A Royal Oak officer pulled the Subaru over and it was then that the driver revealed he was a Detroit police officer. A handgun was recovered from the vehicle without incident and the Detroit officer was arrested and booked into the Birmingham Police Department where he was later released.

It was confirmed that the gun in the officer’s possession during the incident was a .40-caliber Glock, although it is unknown if it was his duty weapon.

The Detroit Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division was notified of the incident yesterday. It is up to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office to determine what charges will be filed against the Detroit officer.

“We’re hoping to hear back from them today,” Kiernan told the paper Monday.

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