Pittsburgh cop turns dad to pull two kids from foster life

A police detective in Pittsburgh, Penn., has made the transition from bachelor to father twice over after adopting two boys previously in foster care.

Jessee Mook

“It’s real now. It’s forever,” Mook, 45, said. “Even when they leave the house at 18, I’ll still get headaches.” (Photo: Stephanie Strasburg/Trib Total Media)

Detective Jack Mook made Mooks out of the boys after discovering that the pair had been transferred to an abusive foster home. He was their coach at Steel City Boxing, where he volunteers as a trainer.

And though Mook adopted the boys, Josh, 15 and Jessee, 11, and is their full legal guardian, he still wants their family in the picture.

“I’m still ‘Coach,’ ” Mook said in an interview with Trib Total Media. “Their biological dad is still their dad. I want them to be a part of the good things they experience.”

[CBS Evening News/YouTube]

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