FPSRussia and his Ohio Ordnance HCAR (VIDEO)

FPSRussia got his hands on an Ohio Ordnance Works HCAR, a 21st century take on the battle-proven BAR machine gun. This updated model is still chambered for .30-06 Springfield but feeds from easy-to-use 30-round magazines and it looks like a real shooter.

oow hcar

OOW HCAR and kit (Photo: OOW)

If you’re interested in one of the first 250 HCAR rifles Ohio Ordnance is taking pre-orders now for the very cool guns but be warned, they’re not for the faint of wallet.

With an introductory price of $4,699, these guns will be pretty exclusive, but buyer get more than just the HCAR, they get a full kit, including four 30-rounders, a MOLLE-compatible mag pouch, a custom cutout hard case, a .30-caliber Otis cleaning kit and 100 rounds of ammo to get you started.

For more info head over to the Ohio Ordnance HCAR page. We also found this technical overview by OOW for more info about what makes this gun so cool.


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