NSSF: Take the ATF regulation survey for firearms lost/stolen in transit

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the lobbyist group representing gun makers and retailers, is asking for individuals and businesses, especially those with a federal firearms license, to partake in a brief survey.

The survey covers newly proposed rules set by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives requiring senders to notify them if a firearm is either lost or stolen while in transit within 48 hours.

Additionally, the sender should notate the theft or loss in their required records within seven days following the discovery.

The agency is also seeking comment on whether to require senders to obtain from the carrier that delivers the firearm a written or electronic confirmation of the shipment and receipt. This confirmation would include: the date, time and place of receipt, and the name of the individual who accepted receipt. ATF is also considering whether to require the sender to retain the confirmation receipts.

The NSSF is conducting the following survey to help quantify the burden this proposed rule would have on FFLs.

Take the survey here.

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