Jerry Miculek v. 'the Walking Dead' horde (VIDEO)

Despite its legion of fans, runaway success and constant action, “The Walking Dead” has been criticized from day one for the hard-to-believe shooting skills of its survivors. Of course, no one has any problems believing in zombies but hey, you gotta draw the line somewhere.

Here Jerry Miculek proves if it’s possible for a Jerry Miculek to shoot as well as the people in “the Walking Dead.” Hint: he does.

It’s not hard to believe that one of the world’s greatest and most skilled shooters of all time to pull off the stunt.

So if the day of the zombie apocalypse does rise, all you need to ride it out is like, eight or nine Jerry Miculeks and you’ll be fine. Easy-peasy.

If you want to learn to shoot like Miculek then check out his YouTube channel. It’s chock-full of tutorials and helpful tips.

This is a teaser of what’s to come on the upcoming reality TV show, “Shooter’s Lane.”

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