Testing Lehigh Defense Maximum Penetration ammo (VIDEO)

Lehigh Defense is pushing the limits of projectile design and offers some pretty radically-different cartridges and bullets for self-defense and hunting.

One of their newer products, their Maximum Penetration bullets are one-piece machined copper projectiles that are shaped to produce large wound cavities without flattening, expanding or deforming. This means better penetration through barriers and they’re impossible to clog.

While some people will never give up their hollowpoints for self-defense, these might take off with certain shooters, handgun hunters in particular, as well as people who want a solid-core bullet for lower-powered guns like .380 ACP pistols.

Another market for these are any places where hollowpoints are banned. They clearly outperform ball ammo and drop a lot of energy into their targets.

[Twang ‘n’ Bang/YouTube]

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