Hornady tips their hat on new products for 2015 (VIDEO)

Hornady just released this video detailing a few of their upcoming products for next year including a .17 WSM cartridge that’s going to make a lot of shooters happy.

It’s not just new loads and new cartridges but a handful of goodies for all the reloaders out there looking for the next gotta-have-it piece of kit.

But what’s probably going to be their biggest seller is the new 9mm Critical Defense Lite, which while it’s marketed to women, is likely to sell equally well to men, too, even if some won’t admit it.

There are plenty of pocket 9mm pistols that are literally a pain to shoot and the idea behind 9mm Critical Defense Lite is to drum up a load that will still perform generally well and cycle reliably without hampering the shooter’s ability to deliver fast, accurate shots.

[Hornady Manufacturing/YouTube]

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