TrackingPoint's 2nd-gen semi-auto 'smart' guns and new glasses (VIDEO)

TrackingPoint has just announced a second generation of semi-automatic Precision-Guided Rifles, or PGF “smart guns,” along with its Google Glass-inspired “ShotGlass” wearable electronics that offer a head-up display and more.

These new rifles have an improved locking system that allows the smart scopes to track targets at longer ranges and can compensate for faster moving targets than ever.

But they really shine when paired with TrackingPoint’s ShotGlass, a wearable set of electronic shades that can reproduce the view through the scope with an integral HD display.

This changes the way the rifles can be used, giving users the ability to aim without looking down the rifle. With ShotGlass, you can shoot around corners and from behind cover without ever having to physically get behind the rifle.

Shooting around corners is handy for hunters as well as snipers, as there’s plenty of game that savvy enough to spot a hunter moving around cover.

“ShotGlass is similar to Google Glass but optimized for shooting sports,” said John Lupher, TrackingPoint CEO, and explained the shooting glasses have an aggressive high-tech posture and can connect wirelessly to a PGF.


ShotGlass has a range of ideal applications, falling under educational and tactical.

For new hunters, it allows more experienced partners to watch alongside and observe the tagging and tracking, ensuring an ethical harvest. It also lets hunters and shooters share the experience together as it happens.

Like existing smart scope systems, ShotGlass can be used to record what the shooter sees, even their voice, the moment they pull the trigger. It’s an archiving system in addition to everything else. Each ShotGlass includes an HD video camera, microphone and speaker for recording and playback.

For military and law enforcement users, the shared view lets a spotter in on the tag and lets a supervisor see exactly what the sniper sees, ensuring that more than one set of eyes is observing the situation at hand.

Even for singular users ShotGlass has applications. In addition to making shots around corners from any position possible, the smart glasses can provide alternate levels of zoom for the shooter.

This means being able to use the scope for a zoomed-in picture and the glasses to project a unmagnified, wide-angle view of the surroundings, improving the user’s situational awareness.

ShotGlass works with existing PGFs as well as the newly-updated smart guns. These semi-automatic AR-style rifles are chambered for 5.56 and 7.62 NATO and .300 Winchester Magnum and start at $7,495.

The new rifles have a slightly upgraded lock distance of 530 yards for the 5.56 model and 880 yards for the .30-caliber models. They can track moving targets at speeds up to 10, 15 and 20 miles per hour, respectively.

For more details and specifications about these new smart guns and the ShotGlass system, head over to TrackingPoint’s website.

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