Officer's body cam footage of fatal pitbull shooting released but still leaves questions (VIDEO)

Recently released footage from a Cleburne, Texas, police officer’s body cam, which shows him shoot and kill a pitbull have left some questioning whether the officer crossed the line.

The officer, who has not been identified, responded to a 911 call in August from a woman who was essentially trapped in her car because, according to her, there were three pitbulls outside of her car door acting aggressively, preventing her from opening the door.

When the officer arrived, the first dog came to him happy and wagging his tail. But when the officer found the remaining two dogs, that’s when things took an ugly turn. The officer can be heard calling the dogs, and when one gets close, gunshots ring out. The officer had shot the dog three times.

The officer claims the dog came at him in an aggressive manner, growling and showing teeth, but not everyone is convinced that’s what happened.


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