Thompson adds .223 to T/C Venture line-up

Venture Compact

Lightweight and accurate, the T/C Venture Compact .223 is reliable and affordable. (Photo: Thompson)

Thompson/Center is expanding on its short-action T/C Venture series with what is sure to be a popular rifle, a new Venture Compact chambered for .223 Remington. It’s a reliable, accurate all-purpose rifle at an unbeatable price.

While the company has been offering the T/C Venture Compact series for people looking for a small, light bolt-action rifle with a short length of pull, until now the rifles have only been offered in .22-250 Remington, .243 and .308 Winchester and 7mm-08 Remington.

The T/C Venture Compact is a great platform for the .223 cartridge. Weighing in a 6.75 pounds the gun is light enough to carry all day but more than enough to soak up .223’s recoil for any shooter.

There are plenty of reason to want one in .223 whether you’re interested in shooting for sport or for food that have nothing to do with recoil. The cartridge is easy to find, generally affordable and there is a huge variety of loads suitable for target shooting, varminting and small to medium game hunting.

T/C Venture Compacts have full 20-inch 5R-rifled barrels to ensure high muzzle velocities with any load and the barrels are free-floating to encourage repeatable accuracy. A general improvement over traditional rifling, 5R barrels provide a better gas seal and keep bullet deformation to a minimum. Thompson uses a 1-in-12-inch twist with the .223 barrels for accuracy with more common, lighter-weight loads.

Between the improved rifling and the free-floated barrel Thompson guarantees sub-MOA performance out of any T/C Venture Compact loaded with premium ammo. That’s not bad at all for a rifle with a list price of just $537.


Weaver-style scope mounts included. (Photo: Thompson)

T/C Venture Compact rifles have a street price of around $450, give or take, making them some of the most reasonably-priced bolt guns in their class while still a step up in quality and performance over very entry-level products.

Like the rest of the T/C Venture Compact series the .223 model sports all the features that make these guns stand out from the growing crowd of modern bolt-action rifles.

The rifle has a rugged polymer stock that’s got inset rubberized traction panels developed by none other than Hogue to provide a unbreakable grip despite mud, weather or sweat. The stock has a 12.5-inch length of pull and an included 1-inch spacer for differently-sized and differently-dressed shooters.

The factory trigger is designed to please and can be adjusted from 3.5 to 5 pounds depending on user preference and has a short, 60-degree bolt for fast cycling. The bolt sports a nitride finish to go with the rest of the rifle’s Weather Shield finish. These guns are made hard, they’re for use in the field, no matter what field that happens to be.

Included with every T/C Venture Compact is a Weaver-style scope base, quick-detach sling studs and a 3-round nylon-reinforced polymer magazine. These rifles do require an optic since they don’t have irons — about the only complaint, and even then, something that most users won’t miss much.

If you’ve been looking for a bolt-action .223 for hunting, camping, backpacking and other outdoor activities, or even just an affordable range gun, the T/C Venture Compact should be on your radar.

The T/C Venture Compact is a solid gun at a solid price. While specifics about the .223 model haven’t been listed, you can find more about the Venture Compact series here.

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