Arizona guardsmen under investigation for dropping Halloween candy from Black Hawk (VIDEO)

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Residents in a Phoenix, Arizona, neighborhood didn’t know what to think when they spotted a Black Hawk hovering above their houses on Halloween night.

“Somebody said that helicopter dropped some packages and I go, ‘Oh my god. Now what is this, some cartel?’” said one neighbor, who added he was unsure if “it was going to be a crash, or an attack, no clue.”

Another neighbor told reporters what he witnessed.

“When I came out it was nose down, and it was definitely military,” the man said.

But it turns out that the helicopter’s crew wasn’t planning an attack or dropping cartel, but instead just delivering a little candy to a Halloween party on their way to a training mission.

Nonetheless, the Arizona National Guard frowned upon the playful mission, who said in a statement that the incident was not sanctioned and will be “investigated further to ensure it does not occur again.”

The crew members involved have been suspended while the incident is under investigation.

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