Magpul successor in string of magazine patent lawsuits

Magpul and ProMag agreed to settle on a patent infringement suit, ending aĀ stringĀ of four lawsuits filed last summer.

Although the full terms of the settlement are confidential, ProMag will discontinue sales of the magazine design itā€™s accused of infringing and both parties will square away their own legal fees. The settlement was filed in a federal court in Colorado on Oct. 21.

Magpul has 50 registered patents listed on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website, of which more than a dozen are magazine related. In defense of some of itsĀ magazineĀ patents, Magpul filed suit in July 2013 against ProMag and three other magazineĀ companies ā€” Big Rock Sports, Cole Industries and Plinker Arms.

ā€œIn every instance where weĀ took legal action against another magazine manufacturer, the product in question is now either no longer in production or is no longer produced with the features that prompted the lawsuit,ā€ said DuaneĀ Liptak, director of marketing for Magpul.

Like ProMag, Big Rock Sports settled theĀ dispute with Magpul on confidential and mutually agreeable terms, whereasĀ the Cole and Plinker cases ended in judgements.

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