Two men and a baby rob a D.C. liquor store (VIDEO)

A liquor store in Washington, D.C. was robbed last week by a man armed with a gun, while what appeared to be an accomplice stood outside to keep watch. And apparently the second suspect, who also appears to be a young father, couldn’t get a babysitter that day because the robbery occurred while he had a baby strapped to his chest.

The store owner, who said he believes the suspect is a regular customer, has more than a dozen cameras covering all angles of his shop, and the surveillance video caught multiple images of the two men involved.

At first, the men can be seen standing outside of the store, before one suspect, who is disguised with a hoodie, sunglasses and bright neon-colored vest, pulls out a handgun and goes inside. He then takes an ATM box containing about $1,200. With the goody box in hand, the suspect ran down the street and the man with the baby appeared to simply walk away.


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