DRD Tactical sues Extar for patent infringement

DRD Tactical's patented design.

DRD Tactical’s patented design for the cleverly named “Recoil System and Method for Upper Receiver.”

Defense Research and Development, LLC — better known as DRD Tactical — challenged Extar, LLC in a federal court in Atlanta last week over its newly issued patent.

The complaint claims Extar allegedly copied features of DRD’s “Recoil System and Method for Upper Receiver” design, which primarily allows users to fire a rifle with a folding stock open or closed. DRD applies the design to many of its rifles designed with a quick takedown barrel feature.

The U.S. government issued the patent, 8,661,963, in March to the Georgia-based company, DRD.

In September, DRD said it issued a ceased and desist letter notifying Extar, an Arizona-based company, that features on its EXP-556 Lightweight Pistol violated the patent, but Extar did not respond.

The EXP-556 is exclusively distributed by the Las Vegas-based company New Frontier Armory, according to Extar’s website.

DRD is asking for an unspecified sum in damages, court costs and to cease use of the design.

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