Magpul update: M-Lok, MOE+ and bench blocks galore (VIDEO)

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MOE+ and M-Lok grips. (Photo: Magpul)

Magpul has been busy recently updating its core products and side offerings with new MOE+ pistol grips for ARs and AKs, a wide variety of M-Lok accessories and a pair of key armorer’s tools for the AR builder.

Starting with the latest announcement, Magpul has added two new pistol grips, the MOE-K2+ and MOE-AK+. These are based on existing pistol grips but now feature a more comfortable, rubberized overmolded exterior for a positive grip under all shooting conditions.

The K2 is a more upright, vertical grip with more natural ergonomics for people who like to shoot their ARs with short or collapsed stocks. The AK grip is for AK-pattern rifles and shotguns that use standard AK furniture. Both feature the MOE grip compartment for small item storage.

Magpul is also making it easier to get into the world of assembling your own AR with their new bench block and armorer’s wrench. Both are multi-function tools specific to building complete rifles starting with stripped receivers.

The wrench is solid steel with a phosphate finish designed to work with standard and pin-style barrel nuts on one end and can install and remove castle nuts on the other. The castle nut teeth are extended to work specifically with Magpul’s ASAP sling plate.

It has cutouts for flash hiders and other muzzle devices and is compatible with 1/2-inch torque wrenches and has torque specs on the wrench itself for reference. And two unnecessary but very welcome additions include handy hammer faces for when things get frustrating and a bottle opener for when things get

Their bench block goes hand-in-hand with their armorer’s wrench and is designed to work with forged and billet receivers. It is a polymer block with a solid steel insert to engage with barrel extensions. The steel is tempered for strength but won’t damage barrel steel. All other surfaces are polymer to prevent damage to aluminum receivers.


Armorer’s wrench and BEV Block. (Photo: Magpul)

Flipped over the block can be used as a magwell insert for assembling and maintaining lowers on a vice.

Timed perfectly with the first wave of third-party M-Lok handguards, Magpul has just added a ton of new M-Lok accessories.

The first few M-Lok accessories were mostly sections of Picatinny adapter rails with a couple of rails for specific Magpul grips. Now there are 19 different M-Lok accessories and now MOE adapters for people with pre-M-Lok parts.

New accessories include an MGV vertical grip, a quick-detach sling point, a sling swivel stud, cantelever mounts for mounting lights scout-style and offset mounts for mounting backup iron sights and other optics 45 degrees to the side in combination with a primary flattop-mounted optic.

Magpul offers Picatinny rail sections in three-, five-, seven-, nine- and 11-slot sections as well, with rails available in both polymer and aluminum construction and carries replacement nuts and screws for the inevitable mishap.

There’s still room for more M-Lok hardware but now it’s safe to say if you’re thinking about building a rifle with an M-Lok handguard, they’ve got the parts you need for the bulk of most configurations, even if it depends on Picatinny adapters and isn’t 100 percent pure M-Lok.

Magpul never sits still and is well-known for new, innovative products. With all of these recent announcements, we have to wonder what can they possibly have in store for the upcoming SHOT Show? We can’t wait to tell you.

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