Drunken father with rifle threatens teen daughter over Battleship game gone wrong (VIDEO)

What started as a friendly game of Battleship between a teen girl and her father, went terribly wrong and ended with the girl having a loaded rifle pointed at her as she made a desperate call to 911.

Dispatchers received a series of 911 calls from the 17-year-old girl, and although she never spoke to the dispatchers, authorities were able to use GPS technology to track the girl’s cell phone signal, which came from an extremely remote location of Utah County where the father had a makeshift camp set up with a travel trailer.

“As they approached it, they heard what sounded like fighting or yelling inside of it,” Sgt. Spencer Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office said.

Apparently, the girl and her father got into a heated argument over a game of Battleship, which was scattered all over the campsite when officers arrived. The argument escalated to the point that the teen tried to leave but her father physically prevented her from doing so. The argument escalated further to the point of the father pointing a loaded rifle at the girl at least twice.

The girl, who is in state custody and was on an approved visit with her father, was taken back into custody and returned to her foster family. She was not injured during the ordeal.

The father, 68-year-old John Richard Valenzuela, was arrested and faces a slew of charges.

Authorities said Valenzuela was very drunk.

“We feel like we were able to prevent further harm from happening,” said Sgt. Cannon, referring to the GPS technology which helped authorities to locate the girl.


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