Magnum Research goes stainless with new Desert Eagle 1911s

kahr desert eagle (2)

The full-size DE1911GSS, left, and shorter DE1911CSS. Not sure where the barrel bushing went. (Photo: Magnum Research)

Magnum Research is expanding on its Desert Eagle series of Series 70-style 1911 pistols with three new stainless steel .45s from full size to compact.

The trio is based on existing Desert Eagle models, the DE1911G, DE1911C and DE1911U, but with a flashier, eye-catching finish. These follow in the footsteps of the recently-launched DE1911GR, Magnum Research’s Tactical 1911.

“The demand for our 1911 models has always been strong for Magnum Research.” said Jim Tertin, the company’s director. “So we decided to dress it up, and with the combination of the crisp trigger pull and the accuracy, this will be a very fun gun to shoot. It looks good, fits well in your hand and with stainless steel you can expect to be able to pass it down to your son or daughter.”

The Series 70 configuration means that these guns don’t have a firing pin block, which adds a little weight and pre-travel to the trigger pull, giving these guns very light, competition-style triggers right from the factory set at 3 to 4 pounds.

That doesn’t mean these guns are in any way old-fashioned. Desert Eagle 1911s have deeply swept serrated target sights, extended checkered thumb safeties and checkered slide stop levers. The front white dot front sight is pinned in place and the rear is drift-adjustable.

They have skeletonized, medium-length triggers and combat hammers. The extended beavertail safeties have memory buttons to encourage a repeatable high grip for maximum control and less felt recoil.

The frame have 20 line-per-inch checkering on the frontstrap and so does the mainspring housing. Combined with classic diamond-checkered hardwood grips Magnum Research makes sure their 1911s stay put in-hand.

kahr desert eagle

The DE1911USS has a fully-adjustable rear sight and light alloy frame. (Photo: Magnum Research)

The full-size 5-inch DE1911GSS and compact 4.3-inch DE1911CSS models have full-length grips and have an 8+1-round capacity. The sub-compact 3-inch DE1911USS, or Desert Eagle 1911 Undercover, Stainless Steel, has a 6+1-round capacity. All models ship with two magazines.

While the DE1911GSS and DE1911CSS both have polished stainless steel slides and frames the DE1911USS is built on an alloy frame to make it as lightweight as possible for concealed-carry.

Other changes to the Undercover model include a less pronounced roll mark, no forward slide serrations and a fully-adjustable rear sight.

Even then the full-size and compacts are a couple ounces lighter than your average 1911, with the DE1911GSS weighing in at 36 ounces and the DE1911CSS 34, but the DE1911USS is the real lightweight at just 26 ounces.

These stainless steel models are priced a little higher than blued Desert Eagle 1911s and in-line with their other premium models. The all stainless steel DE1911GSS and DE1911CSS have a suggested retail price of $904 and the alloy-framed Undercover has an MSRP of $1,019.

Of course real-world prices will be a couple hundred less, making these some of the more affordable options for getting a gun with “Desert Eagle” written on the side of your own.

If the new models are still out of your budget the standard finish models are still on the table and start in the $600 to $700 range.

For more about the new stainless steel Desert Eagle 1911s check out Magnum Research’s website.

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