School staff under fire for 'violent' video with Nerf gun (VIDEO)

A California school is under fire after they made a video featuring a security guard pretending to use an orange Nerf gun to shoot students from a rival school with animated stars. Buhach Colony High School pulled the video from their website after receiving backlash, but not everyone agrees it’s that big of a deal.

Merced Union High School District Trustee William Snyder found the video, which featured staff and administrators, disturbing and said it was in bad taste.

“I think it’s all in fun, but in light of recent events I can see how it can be taken in poor taste,” said Genny Mesa, whose son attends Atwater, the rival school. But Mesa also added, “I think if we just take a deep breath and enjoy it a little bit, it’s all in fun.”

But students, like Francisco Gloria, who also attends the rival school, didn’t really see a problem with the video.

“I think it was more of a joke to get us fired up,” Gloria said.

The video got people fired up all right, but not necessarily in the manner it was intended.

The incident is being reviewed by the personnel department and the district released the following statement after taking down the video.

“We apologize for the impact the video has had on the community and want to ensure everyone that the district does not support or endorse school violence.”

[CBS Sacramento]

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