Couple auctions off collection of 1,300 guns (VIDEO)

A Post Falls, Idaho auction company is expecting a big turnout for an upcoming weekend auction which will feature over 1,000 firearms.

“Well we did a random call to a North Idaho couple that had a bunch of guns they were thinking of cosigning,” said Premier Auction Center owner Kym Nagel. “Started off with two or three hundred. Moved up to three or four hundred. And at the end of the day it ended up at 1,300.”

Nagel said they are setting a few hundred guns aside for another auction at a later date, but they’ll still have more than 1,000 at this weekend’s auction.

The firearms range from an antique rifle made in 1906 to modern handguns, and Nagel said she believes the entire collection is worth well over half a million dollars.

Meanwhile, gun enthusiasts everywhere are thinking, “I wish!”

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