More Magpul pre-SHOT: Offset irons and M-Lok for shotguns (VIDEO)

Magpul keeps flashing new products in the lead-up to the 2015 Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show and now it announces new MBUS Pro Offset Sights for ARs and other guns with flattop rails and MOE M-Lok furniture for the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500.

The MBUS Pro Offset Sights expand the MBUS Pro series introduced at the top of the year. They’re all-steel backup iron sights with a durable satin Melonite finish that stand out for their extremely low profile and typical Magpul quality.

The Offset sights are designed to for use with guns that primarily use a magnified optic, such as a riflescope that won’t co-witness with iron sights, or for users who prefer that their iron sights don’t have to be used through a red dot sight.

Keeping up with the low profile of the original MBUS Pros, the new Offset Sights are also low-profile and only rise a quarter of an inch over the side of the gun when folded down. Deployed they offer an F-height sight picture, just at a 45-degree offset. Switching between the optic and the sights is only a flick of the wrist.

Like all MBUS sights they feature a nested dual-aperture rear sight that’s elevation-adjustable up front and windage-adjustable at the rear. The sights lock into place with a detent and will collapse if the gun is dropped on the sights to prevent damage. The sights are also textured for easy deployment.

The new Offset Sights are priced in-line with the original MBUS Pros at $84.95 for the front sight and $104.95 for the rears, and like all Magpul products, will have lower prices in the wild.

magpul moe m-lok forends shotguns 870 500

Shown with the newly-introduced M-Lok AFG. (Photo: Magpul)

Magpul’s also quick to introduce M-Lok forends for supported shotguns, the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 and 590 series.

M-Lok is Magpul’s new free-to-use mounting system for directly attaching accessories to firearms without the added bulk of rails. This system not only cuts weight it makes for a smooth, cheese grater-free gripping surface.

Magpul alone has introduced nearly two dozen M-Lok accessories including pistol grips, angled foregrips, weaponlight mounds and Picatinny rail sections, in both polymer and anodized aluminum, for backwards-compatibility with existing accessories.

The MOE M-Lok forends have M-Lok slots on both sides and underneath for attaching forward pistol grips, lights and lasers. The forends are pretty much the same as the original forends just with M-Lok slots in place of the MOE slots.

The new forends don’t cost any more than the original MOE parts, either, and have very affordable $29.95 MSRPs.

For more information about these new products head over to Magpul’s MBUS and M-Lok product pages.

With these recent announcements we’re getting pretty excited, not just for these products but for what Magpul must have in the pipe for SHOT Show 2015 coming up in January.

We’re also happy to get a little Magpul treatment before the holidays. As we near gift-giving season, we can’t help but think that any of these new products would make great presents for gun-lovers everywhere. These accessories are well into production and already shipping to retailers.

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