LTE: About the editorial you ran on Kendall Jones...

About the editorial you ran on Kendall Jones: I don’t think this argument is true for all people or women out there… at all.

I live in Texas. I’m a blonde.  My dad owns a few guns as well as my husband and I go to the shooting range all the time.  Most everyone would say I’m a million times prettier than Kendall Jones so it’s not out of jealousy or anything (lol) that I dislike her stance on killing exotic game. And I don’t think all of her critics are about not wanting people to have guns.

I think everyone should be allowed to own guns under the Second Amendment to the Constitution.  I don’t think that her going to Africa to popularize shooting big game animals, some of which (including lions) are near endangered has anything to do with this belief. If she is hunting wild lions that’s a shame because they care close to being on the list and if it was a canned hunt then these beautiful majestic animals are being raised just to be hunted and slaughtered.  The article basically makes it seem like people can’t actually care about the animals being killed–to want to preserve their wild beautiful natural life they have–and care about gun ownership.

I think labeling people who are against Kendall as being against the Second Amendment is sad and lumping all her opponents out there in with all these negative things was really disappointing to read.

This letter-to-the-editor was written by reader “Brooke”.  The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of

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