Ruger keeps on rolling with new 3-inch LCRx

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Ruger just brought back the kit gun in a whole new way. (Photo: Ruger)

Ruger is expanding on the wildly successful LCR with a new revolver that takes the series in a whole new direction. Based on the exposed hammer Ruger LCRx, the 3-inch model sports a longer barrel and full-length Hogue grip.

This parks the new LCRx right between the Ruger SP 101 and the standard snub-nosed LCRs in terms of size. It’s a little heavier than the original .38 Special LCRs but still weighs under 16 ounces, unloaded.

The 3-inch LCRx is clearly suitable for everyday carry but with more than an inch of extra barrel and a grip big enough to fill the palm it’s a much more flexible handgun.

“The newest LCRx is the perfect revolver for backpacking, concealed carry, home defense, or just plinking,” said Chris Killoy, company president and chief operating officer. “The 3-inch barrel, adjustable sight and modest weight create a great all-around gun.”

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Like the LCRx, but bigger, with a full-size grip and improved sights. (Photo: Ruger)

The revolver is, in all respects, a 21st century take on the kit gun. Unlike the standard LCRs the 3-inch model has modern, fully-adjustable revolver sights, not just a groove running down the frame. The revolver has a pinned, ramped front sight that can be swapped out depending on the user’s needs.

This is also going to be a hit with shooters who prefer revolvers but hate shooting snubbies. With its 3-inch barrel this new LCRx will have a lot less bark at the muzzle and less recoil with the larger grip.

The LCR series in general is well-known for taming the recoil inherent to snub-nosed revolvers but the 3-inch promises to be the softest shooter of them all, especially with over-pressure +P rounds commonly used for self-defense. The longer barrel will also deliver improved projectile velocities for deeper penetration and better expansion.

Like with the original LCR and newer LCRx the 3-inch LCRx is a five-shot .38 Special revolver. Time and history have proven that the design is reliable even with the hottest +P ammo.

The LCR features a polymer shell over an alloy sub-frame. The combination of materials is what contributes to the light weight of the design and low recoil.

The fire control group is tucked into the polymer portion of the frame and is considered one of the best factory triggers on the revolver market in production today.

With a suggested retail price of $529 and a street price expected to be around $100 lower, Ruger just made a lot of people’s dreams come true.

Of course, not everyone’s going to be happy with the new design, that is, until Ruger starts shipping it in other calibers. The step up in size doesn’t just appeal to .38 Special shooters, people are going to want the 3-inch model in all the LCR chamberings, including .357 Magnum, .22 Long Rifle, .22 Magnum and most recently, 9mm.

After all, no two kits are exactly the same, and different kit guns for different kits is the order of the day.

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