Editorial: Professor's Cheney mask incident shows liberals' true colors (VIDEO)

If a conservative professor had pulled a stunt like the one Professor John Gruhl recently pulled at the University of Nebraska’s Lincoln campus, every liberal news outlet in the country would be running the story for days on end, all demanding that he or she be either fired from their position, or even arrested. While the liberal media did cover this unfortunate incident, nary a word was spoken about what if he or his message was conservative?

Gruhl apparently believes that former Vice President Dick Cheney did more harm than good to President George W. Bush’s administration and he made his feelings about the Bush White House in a classroom series entitled The Presidency and bad Halloween costume.  Gruhl is allowed his opinion but what exactly did the good professor do that has this writer and a whole bunch of others upset? Well, while acting like a petulant child, and showing off in front of his freshman political science class, he donned an orange vest (the type worn by hunters) and a Dick Cheney Halloween mask, and then, pointing his two forefingers at the classroom (obviously he’s never held a firearm in his life … who but a child pretends to shoot with both hands?) he starts “shooting up” the classroom, all the while verbalizing what he believes are the sounds of gunshots.

john Gruhl

Professor John Gruhl offended students in his political science class this Halloween when he “shot” at them while wearing a Dick Cheney mask.

When one takes into consideration the tragic shootings that have occurred in a few schools across the country during the last several years, I find that it is completely lacking in tact and understanding for a presumably highly educated college professor to put on a ridiculous and offensive puppet show for his students. Just once, I wish some of the liberals who scream the loudest about things such as gun control when unfortunate violence does occur would grow brains and condemn acts of stupidity by one of their own!

We all remember the unfortunate incident when the VP went on a quail hunting foray with some friends way back in February 2006.  During this hunt, Cheney accidentally shot one of his companions, 78-year-old Harry Whittington, a practicing attorney in Texas, with bird shot. Whittington survived the incident and was released from the local hospital a couple of days later.

You hate to hear about those rare events, but every once in awhile accidents happen. Well, apparently the professor never forgot the incident. I remember it too, and I recall full well how the then ravenous liberal establishment, who had no problems attacking the Bush White House with great zeal for every conceivable wrong-doing, jumped on the incident like a bunch of monkeys on a cupcake! If we only had that kind of media fervor today, the current administration would perhaps be following the laws of the land, instead of bending Constitutional restraints in order to fit their far left-leaning agenda. Okay, now I need another cup of coffee!

Matt Server, a freshman political science major in Gruhl’s class, witnessed the incident, and said, “When Professor Gruhl walked in to the class on Halloween dressed as Dick Cheney, I felt as though he had overstepped his boundaries as an educator.” Server went on to say that, “By dressing up, and in my eyes, mocking the former vice president, I felt that Professor Gruhl had gone to another level in his attacks on Vice President Cheney. His costume, and subsequent remarks, were inappropriate for an institute of higher education.”

Campus Reform, a project of the Leadership Institute, is one of the country’s foremost sites for timely college and university news. In an audio recording obtained by the organization, Gruhl commented further on the former vice president’s policies. The professor was quoted as saying that Cheney, “gave us a black eye around the world.” Gruhl also said, “He was the driving force behind some of the biggest mistakes in the Bush administration.”

Whether we agree or disagree with the professor’s points of view (I personally can’t agree with anything this professor spouts), and while all agreeing that his liberal stance is allowed to have air in our still-free country, mocking someone in the fashion he mocked the former vice president is never appropriate, and should not be tolerated. As before, I can only imagine what would happen if a conservative professor had donned some Muslim attire and an Obama Halloween mask in front of his or her classroom, and then droned on and on about the president’s anti-Israel stance. What would be the ramifications of such an act? Think about that for a moment, because as sure as I’m sitting here writing this article, there would be riots on the streets that could well put Ferguson, Missouri to shame!

In order to obtain the professor’s comments on the issue, I placed a few calls to the university in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was promised that a “message” would be delivered to the good professor in order that he return my calls. That was over a day ago, yet my slimline phone and my mobile remain silent. And apparently Gruhl did not respond to Campus Reform when they asked him for a comment about the matter. That’s hardly a surprise, because isn’t that always the way it is? Liberals can run around ranting and raving about whatever thought just crossed their minds, but when asked to elaborate or to discuss the issue, they run and hide, or spout the all-too-familiar, “No comment.”

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