Thanksgiving week TSA finds a grenade, over 30 guns, cane sword and armed 94-year-old

It was a busy Thanksgiving week for the Transportation Security Administration in airports across the country, who confiscated a total of 32 firearms, 24 of which were loaded and seven of which had rounds chambered.

On Wednesday, a 94-year-old attempted to get through the security checkpoint at New York’s LeGuardia Airport with a loaded .38 tucked into the small of his back.

But guns weren’t the only thing found by the TSA last week. Their findings also included an inert grenade in a carry-on bag in Boston, a spear gun in a carry-on bag in Las Vegas, a flare gun, a cane sword and knives and hand saws. Seventeen stun guns were also found, and then, of course, there’s the ever-popular and not very well thought through bag of heroine discovered glued to the bottom of the lining of a checked bag at the Ontario, California airport.


[TSA Blog]

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