Austrian woman's wood stove explodes from WWII grenade hidden in firewood



A woman trying to keep her Gmunden, Austria, home toasty with a fire in a wood-burning stove over the weekend got quite a shock when there was an explosion in her wood stove.

According to authorities, the firewood, which was purchased by the 22-year-old woman at a local supermarket, is believed to have come from a wooded area which was at one time the scene of a World War II battle. A grenade had apparently been enveloped by a growing tree to the extent that it was completely covered and no longer visible, even after the wood was split into firewood.

The explosion inside the unidentified woman’s home caused the glass of her wood stove to shatter, but the wrought iron of the stove otherwise contained the explosion. No one was injured and other than the stove’s glass, nothing was damaged.

[Associated Press]

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