Hells Angels spend hours in line to buy all of store's bicycles for needy kids (VIDEO)

Members of the infamous biker gang the Hells Angels took turns standing in line at a Fresno, California, Walmart over the weekend to buy out the store’s entire stock of children’s bicycles. The more the 200 bikes were then taken to the Poverello House, a community organization which helps those in need.

“These kids need these bikes. These kids need these toys,” Merl Hefferman said.

“If we wait, if we get to Black Thursday, do you see the lines? And we show up after Thanksgiving dinner, and you’re a country mile behind, guess what happens? These kids don’t get these bicycles and toys,” Hefferman said.

“When a kid runs up, and he jumps on this bicycle, and he rides around, and it’s a good toy,” Hefferman said. “It’s not a jacket. It’s not a glove. It’s a bicycle. It’s pretty awesome.”

And Hefferman wanted to thank the person who took the picture of him buying up the bikes, which was shared on Reddit and garnered thousands of shares and over 2,600 comments.

“Thanks for taking that picture, because our kids, I think you’ve made people aware that there is a great need,” he said. “I can’t thank you enough.”

[Reddit, WCHS]

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