LTE: "It makes us all look crazy"

I’m a gun owner for 20 years. I’m very active in the “community”. I’m also a subscriber to your Youtube channel. I admire the work you do.

I’m also a militant supporter of the 2nd amendment and a constitutional conservative. I love my country and the rights that I have.

This morning I was perusing the liberal cesspool known as Daily Kos. I like to know what my enemies are thinking. Low and behold is a diary about your article, 20 tips for a gun battle. I don’t care about how they’ve mocked and belittled it. I do care about the amount of negative exposure it will now get. “Be prepared to kill everyone”?  Really. Because that’s the only message that will get talked about. Wait, they’ll also mention the desire to shoot “pregnant women”. IT MAKES US ALL LOOK BAT SHIT CRAZY!!!!

I’m asking that you please set aside ego, and remove the article now, please. It does no good. It serves no purpose. Gun owners who read your stuff and watch your videos already know what to do in a gun fight. All your article will do is cause immeasurable damage. You folks have to realize that.

Please look beyond the moment, and yourselves, and consider the big picture. Please remove it. Say it was snark.  Anything. But as it stands, it can only serve to weaken our positions.

We here at understand and respect Mr. Goldwater’s opinion regarding this article.  It is our policy to allow our writers, many of whom are experts in their fields, to express their own opinions, no matter what they are, as long as they conform to legal practices. Likewise, we feel it is ultimately left up to the readers to make up their own minds regarding the value of our content.

Thank you for reading and writing,

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