Missouri bar receives backlash over 'Michael Brown special' (VIDEO)

A bar in St. Joseph, Missouri, by the name of MugShots, has come under fire after offering a controversial special over the weekend.

The “Michael Brown special” boasted six shots of Jose Cinge for just $10. But not everyone thought it was such a great deal, or very funny either. In fact, the bar received massive criticism after a picture of the special began circulating on Facebook. The bar owners responded to the criticism with a Facebook post – which has since been removed – by saying:

“I would like to ask all of our supporters, friends and bar family to refrain from arguing or giving into all the hatred on fb. We know who we are and that our family is the furthest thing from racist in anyway. Lets all just party and enjoy the holiday season.”

A protest against the special was planned, but according to the owner, he and the person planning the protest talked things out.

The bar is now offering a new special: “The owner of MugShots is an asshole” special, featuring six shots of Jose’ Cinge for $12.

[Fox4 KC, St. Joseph Post]

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