Raw video captured of the moment cops open fire on knife-wielding attacker in NY synagogue (VIDEO)

A brutal stabbing at a Brooklyn synagogue early Tuesday morning ended when officers opened fire on the suspect.

49-year-old Calvin Peters, whose family said suffered from bipolar disorder, initially entered the synagogue asking for a Bible, then left. But he returned, only to stab 22-year-old Levi Rosenblat in the head and neck.

Responding officers told Peters about a dozen times to drop the knife, and although he did for a moment, he picked it up again before the officers opened fire. Peters later died.

Rosenblat was rushed to the hospital, where he is said to have bleeding on the brain and remains in critical condition.

Witnesses said Peters was acting as if he was on drugs, yelling something to the effect of, โ€œKill the Jews.โ€

An FBI report released Monday showed that Jews are by far the most targeted religious group involving hate crimes in the United States.

[NY Daily News, Live Leak]

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