67-year-old grandma takes on three teen carjackers, refuses to back down (VIDEO)

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One woman stood up against three people attempting to steal her car outside her Indianapolis home Sunday night and although the suspects were armed and beat her to a bloody pulp, she refused to back down and give them what they wanted.

Kay Kise had returned home from Christmas shopping around 8 p.m. when she was approached by the boys, who she described as black teens who appeared to be about 16-years-old. One asked Kise for directions and after she gave the directions things took a turn for the worse.

“The next thing I know, he’s got a gun right in my face,” Kise said “And he’s telling me, ‘Give me the keys to that van.’”

But Kise wasn’t about to turn over her vehicle.

“I said, ‘You’re not getting my van’ and I slapped that gun to the side,” she recalled. “I wasn’t about to let no young punk take my car.”

At that point, the teens began beating the 67-year-old woman. In fact, they beat her so severely that she ended up with several facial fractures, bleeding on the brain and an eye swollen shut, alongside many bruises.

But ultimately it was the actions of Kise’s 13-year-old neighbor who put an end to the attack.

“I looked down there, and I saw that her face was swollen and bleeding,” the girl told reporters. “I was scared, and I ran upstairs and was like, ‘Ms. Kay is hurt, mom! Ms. Kay is hurt!’”

The girl’s screaming scared the teens away.

“I think they’re cowards,” said Tara Spalding, a friend of the family. “For three young guys to beat up on a 67-year-old woman.”

Bur Kise said she doesn’t regret her decision, even if it did leave her battered and bruised.

“I know it’s just a vehicle, but it’s the only thing I’ve got,” she said. “And I don’t have no money to buy another one with. So they weren’t going to take it from me.”


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