Navy 'spy fish' headed to an ocean near you (VIDEO)

It’s a shark, it’s a whale! No, it’s just a 5-ft., 100-pound robotic bluefin tuna used by the U.S. Navy for gathering intel, and it’s no longer just the stuff that sci-fi movies are made of either.

The Navy has been testing the spy fish, which could find her way into underwater missions by next year. The “Ghost Swimmer,” which has an oscillating tail, maneuverability and a variety of speeds, will be used to patrol harbors and safely enter enemy territory.

The device moves like a fish, is controlled with a video game-style joystick and will hopefully be less detectible than typical underwater vehicles.

“The first time I saw it, I thought it was a living fish,” said Jerry Lademan, a Marine captain and the project’s leader. “It looks alive. It’s crazy.”

[Pilot Online]

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