Virginia student busted with guns and ammo in high school lot (VIDEO)

A Middlesex, Virginia, high school student was arrested after the sheriff’s department found four loaded firearms, knives and more than 600 rounds of various types of ammunition in his SUV parked on school grounds.

Officers found the 18-year-old’s weapons while sweeping  parked cars for drugs with a K9 unit who alerted the officers to the guns. The sheriff’s department said that the weapons were scattered around the student’s vehicle along with the ammo.

School and police officials have both said that the student, identified as Austin James Martin, was not looking to cause trouble — he even cooperated with authorities after they discovered the weapons in his SUV — just that he made the poor decision of parking improperly-stored, loaded firearms in the school’s lot.

The superintendent did not divulge Martin’s reason for bringing the weapons to school last Friday and the police are continuing their investigation for now.

Martin is being charged with possession of firearms on school property, a felony, according to the Middlesex Sheriff’s Department, who detailed the arrest on its Facebook page.

According to Virginia law a person may keep unloaded guns in their vehicles parked on school property as long as they are properly stored.

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