George Zimmerman tells Armed American Radio 'Get insurance before you kill someone in self-defense'

George Zimmerman called in to the Armed American Radio show Sunday and had an in-depth conversation about how some things have changed for him since the fateful day he confronted Trayvon Martin.

“I don’t really remember what normal is,” Zimmerman said, adding that he once enjoyed being a “productive, taxpaying member of society” but hasn’t worked since the incident.

“In terms of the violent threats, the bounty on my head,” he said, “I haven’t seen on any of the bounty posters an expiration date.”

Zimmerman also discussed the financial hardships he’s endured since the shooting and also shared some things that he would have done differently.

“Go to the range to practice, keep your guns in a safe location,” he suggested. “And primarily, now that I know that I’m $2.5 million in debt, just in lawyers’ fees, I paid over $360,000 in hard costs to the state of Florida – just in, you know, copies, CDs, manuscripts, that kind of stuff – I would definitely invest in getting some type of self-defense insurance, and again, arming yourself with the knowledge of what you can do and what you should or shouldn’t do after the incident.”

And Zimmerman also complained about the media, among other things.

“The media, they’re not in the business of telling the news, they’re – now, unfortunately, it’s evolved to them being in the business of making the news, and whether it costs people their lives, their livelihood, dignity, the position in the community – they could not care less,” he said.

“There is absolutely no benefit to talking to the media,” Zimmerman added.

Listen to the entire conversation here and the full broadcast here.

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