Donut shop clerk attacks armed robber with metal napkin dispenser (VIDEO)

When a woman working at a donut shop in Washington was confronted by a man armed with a gun and demanding cash from the register, she took matters into her own hands and fought back with whatever she could.

Sara Mora was at the back of Laffen’s Donut Shop on Nov. 30 when she heard someone come through the front door, but when she went to greet the customer, she was surprised to see an armed robber instead.

“Right when he flashes his gun I’m like, ‘Whoa, this is the end of me, my life ends right here,’” Mora said.

The suspect told her to empty the register, but when he turned to cut the phone line, she grabbed the napkin dispenser and repeatedly struck him across the head. During the altercation, Mora pulled his hoodie down, revealing to surveillance video cameras exactly what the man looked like.

And authorities said it’s a lucky break because they believe the man is responsible for several armed robberies in the area.

Officer Jed Cates of the Burlington Police Department said he’s concerned that the robberies will continue to escalate, but now they have a clear picture of the man.

[Q13 Fox]

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