Machine Gun America offers gun-themed adventures in theme park format (VIDEO)

Machine Gun America is a place where tourists and locals alike can get their feel of some awesome firepower, and can even do it in a simulated scene such as the wild west, special ops or zombie apocalypse, and it opens this weekend in Kissimmee, Florida.

It’s a place where people can not only shoot, but shoot some guns that they likely wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to shoot.

“Everybody has something they always wanted to try,” says General Manager Bruce Nierenberg, “this would be on people’s bucket list to try it and have a new experience.”

But Nierenberg explains that no guest is ever left by themselves with any gun.

“No one ever shoots by themselves, and no guest is ever in control of the weapon without a range safety officer next to them and participating with them,” he explained.

But not everyone thinks it’s such a great idea.

“You’ve got Holy Land right there in Orlando. You’ve got Disney World, and Epcot,” said Lucia Kay McBath, a member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, “All places for family fun where they should feel protected.”

“It’s romanticizing our freedom and our history,” said Nierenberg. “I mean, it’s part of American life. That’s how we gained our freedom.”


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