15 fabulous ways to shop for your gun-loving gal

While the gun industry remains very much male dominated, the number of women taking up arms is on a steady incline, and companies are increasingly coming up with more products to cater to the needs – and wants – of women.

Many people immediately think of something pink when they think about female gun owners, but there are a great many options out there that really have nothing to do with color. If you happen to have a gun gal in your life, here are some simple gift suggestions for the holidays, and the color you choose, of course, is entirely up to you and the preferences of the woman for which you’re buying.


She might like a variety of bags for a variety of guns and these don’t lack class. (Photo: Bang Bang Boutique)

1. Range Bag

While range bags are an essential for any serious shooter, they can be likened to purses for female shooters. Women like a variety bags for a variety of purposes, just like purses of different sizes and colors, and just because she already has one, doesn’t mean she wouldn’t love another. The Cody Collection at Bang Bang Boutique has some of prettiest range bags around.

And speaking of purses, for the woman who prefers to carry her firearm in her purse as opposed to on her body (which, of course, is a very personal decision), she likely wouldn’t mind getting a concealed carry purse either. Natalie over at the Girl’s Guide to Guns recommends the purses offered by Concealed Carrie.

2. Jewelry


There is some pretty tacky gun-themed jewelry out there, but you won’t find it at Ammo Ear. (Photo: Ammo Wear)

Most women love jewelry and there’s no shortage for gun-themed bling. Some women would love to sport a silver or gold mini AR-15 around their necks, while others prefer a more subtle approach. There are an abundance of companies out there that make some very nice pieces from recycled spent shell casings and Ammo Wear is one such company that likely won’t disappoint.

3. Gun DĂ©cor

Decorating firearms is a very personal choice. Some women love the idea of a pink gun, while others despise it. Nonetheless, many companies have taken a cue and developed means of making firearms a little more fancy without a splash of pink or purple and offer a variety of ways to dress up your girl’s gun.


These gun engraving kits offer subtle hints of color and make great stocking stuffers. (Photo: PinkGun.com)

There are artists available who will paint a gun to your liking, but for the DIYers, there are gun skins available to coat a gun in a fancy pattern with absolutely no artistic skills required. Some companies, such as Pink Gun, offer to do the service for you either on your own gun or one you choose to buy from them. But Pink Gun also offers another, more subtle option. Their Gun Engraving Kits allow your girl to glamour up her gun herself with just a hint of color, and if she has leftover paint, she has the option of either buying another gun or using the leftover paint to color her nails to match her gun.

4. Gun Cleaning Kit

Any gun owner – male or female – should know how to clean their own gun. If the gun-loving girl in your life doesn’t have a gun cleaning kit of her own, buy her one. And if she doesn’t know how to clean her gun, teach her.

5. Accessories

Maybe she’s been talking about wanting a pistol grip for her new 12-gauge or maybe she’s mentioned wanting a different stock for her AR-15. As a general rule, if she’s mentioned it, it would make a good gift.

6. Pocket Knife

It’s fairly safe to say that if a woman can appreciate the importance of having a gun, she can also appreciate the importance of a good pocket knife. And chances are, if she’s asked to use yours more than a time or two, she’d appreciate one of her own. Besides, pocket knives make good stocking stuffers.

7. Classes

When it comes to being a gun owner, you can never have too much practice or education. Maybe she would benefit from some additional range time with a top-notch instructor, or maybe she would find a non-lethal self-defense class advantageous as well. The NRA has a search tool to find classes in your area. You can even input the type of class you’re looking for and have the option of choosing classes for females only.

8. Books

Speaking of education, if your gun gal happens to also be a bookworm, pick her up a few good reads for the holidays. There’s hundreds, if not thousands, of titles to choose from. Kathy Jackson from the Cornered Cat has a couple of books out, Emily Miller’s “Emily Gets Her Gun: …But Obama Wants to Take Yours” is popular, and “Chicks with Guns” is a great read too.


Even if your gun-loving gal is a girlie girl who hates pink, there’s still a lot of pretty options. (Photo: The Well Armed Woman)

9. Holsters

Like range bags, purses and other accessories, just because she already has one or two or ten doesn’t mean one more won’t be an added welcome. Women, more so than men, often face a unique challenge when trying to carry concealed. While men typically wear clothing which is a bit looser, women’s fashions often fit a little more snug. Additionally, a woman’s need for holsters likely will differ as the seasons – and her clothing styles – change. The Well Armed Woman and the Gun Goddess both offer a good variety of holsters and other accessories.

10. Clothing

While we’re on the subject of fashion, most girls love clothes. Depending on her own personal style, she may like a gun-inspired t-shirt or baseball cap, cargo pants to wear on the range. Or if she’s an exceptionally stand-out fashionista, she may prefer something similar to the gun-inspired dress Victoria Secret model Karolina Kurkova wore when she turned heads last year.

11. Targets

Yes, even targets are made with women in mind these days. While she may love the thought of taking out rouge zombies on the range, if she’s a girlie girl, she might like shooting at a flower target even better.


Any girl who loves guns is sure to love some gun-themed home decor as well. (Photo: Etsy)

12. Eye, Ear and Hand Protection

Having a variety of protection is smart. Depending on the setting and what you’re shooting, you may prefer to use different means of ear and eye protection. Sometimes foam plugs are fine, other times muffs are preferred, and it’s always nice to have a section to choose from. Glasses are available with interchangeable lenses, easily allowing different shades of eye protection for different environments. And gloves made especially for shooting are a nice way to help her keep her hands soft and warm while helping to reduce exposure to lead.

13. Home DĂ©cor

A gun-loving gal could definitely appreciate some gun-inspired home décor, and there’s almost everything imaginable available – shower curtains, art, bookends, wallpaper and pillows. You name it.

14. Chocolate


You usually can’t go wrong with chocolate. (Photo: Chocolate Weapons)

Seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate? Although honestly, this could go either way – she may find the idea of novelty chocolate weapons super cool, or she may be extremely disappointed when she opens the spam can to find chocolate rather than ammo inside.

15. Guns!

It seems fairly obvious, but if you happen to have a gun-loving gal in your life, she probably won’t be disappointed if you surprised her with a new gun.

If she’s mentioned how much she liked that Glock 42, then buy it for her, but if she’s unsure what she wants or new to the gun world, take her to the gun shop and help her choose. Don’t ever assume that just because you like it, she will too. Let her decide which gun she wants and she’s much more likely to actually carry it.

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