Meat market owner shoots at man trying to rob store, shoots again when he tries to carjack his wife


An attempted robbery of a Neighborhood Meat Market in Daytona Beach Friday night was thwarted by the shop’s pistol-packing owner.

The suspect entered the store around 7:30 p.m. armed with a pellet gun and demanded cash, but the store owner pulled out a very real pistol and fired at him.

The suspect ran out of the door, then attempted to carjack a woman outside who was pulling up in front of the meat market, but the store owner continued to fire at him. Unbeknown to the suspect, the woman in the car was the owner’s wife.

The suspect ran off again and this time away from the meat market.

Authorities are unsure if he was hit, because no blood was found at the scene. However, the store’s video surveillance captured an image of the suspect.


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