Dear Santa: I want people to be safe and have a healthy appreciation for guns this Christmas


Have a Merry Christmas… and stay armed. (Photo: Scottsdale Gun Club)

Dear Santa:

My list will take a miracle to fill, and it may affect other people’s wishlists, but it’d be worth it.

1.  Help the citizens of the world be thankful for honest, hardworking cops.

Please change the political anti-cop climate and let the media report the truth, not just biased, slanted, and sensationalized stories.  Help the populace to not be conned by the media hype.  Help us all to see through the all-too-often one-sided news media agendas: to stir up contention and increase ratings.

Also, help people understand that while there are occasionally rare and unique cases involving officer involved shootings—and those are usually the ones that get highlighted.  Police officers truly do amazing things each day, protecting the rights of both the good people who may hate them and bad people who want to physically harm or kill them.  Help us to remember that without police officers, our communities would be in utter chaos.

2.  Help shield our children.

Please spare the children from violence.  Help them not witness it.  Keep them from its awful grasp, so that they can grow up seeing the good.  Too many suffer.  Too many children have been brutalized by evil people. Help justice to be done in behalf of these innocent victims of horrific crimes.  Help mediators and the justice system speak out for those little ones whose voices are not yet developed and whose tongues have not yet been loosed.

Help the laws against sexual predators and evil people be enforced with sternness.  And, help those who must witness the abuses in order to prosecute such evils, have peace, especially the victims.

3.  Help people to be safe and have a healthy appreciation for guns.

While not everyone thinks guns are great, I’d like to have everyone appreciate guns.   Shooting (yes, even plinking), hunting and collecting firearms are all a part of our fabric. Appreciate what guns can do.  Appreciate that guns can save lives.  Appreciate the right to bear arms, whether concealed carry or open carry.

O, and help people to remember muzzle discipline and keep their fingers off the trigger until they’ve made the conscious decision to shoot.

4.  Help those who don’t understand violence.

My final wish for Christmas is that those who don’t understand violence can at least understand that those of us who do aren’t “disgusting gun nut[s]”.  While they may have to call upon those of us who are willing, able and prepared to use violence to protect them, at least help those who are anti-gun to not be so annoying. Help us to have patience with those people who aren’t like us.

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