NRA's Colion Noir: How I-594 will destroy itself (VIDEO)

National Rifle Association commentator Colion Noir claims simply handing a gun to another person in Washington state without a background is a felony under the new universal background check law.

However, law enforcement officials in Washington and supporters of the measure dispute that claim, saying it was not the law’s intent.

Noir suggests voters were mislead by a wealthy few to support universal background checks, not checks for transfers.

“Megalomaniac billionaires like Bloomberg and Bill Gates who threw millions behind what they’re trying to convince is common sense gun legislation — so common sense that it took 18 pages to explain,” he says. “Albert Einstein explained the theory of relativity using Mariah Carrie’s initials and the number two. There’s nothing about a law takes 18 pages to explain that’s simple. And the people of Washington are about to be caught up in the laws of vague language.”

The vague language he’s referring to is the defining of “transfers” in the text of the law, something many critics of the law regularly challenge.

The law states, “‘Transfer’ means the intended delivery of a firearm to another person without consideration of payment or promise of payment including, but not limited to, gifts and loans.”

Critics also raise issues about transfer fees, arguing that they add an unnecessary financial burden. But in response to those issues and to encourage compliance, an amendment was added to waive sales tax for the selling or transfer of guns between private, unlicensed parties who have fulfilled all background check requirements.

In support of the ballot measure, Initiative 594, gun control advocates spent nearly $9.5 million, whereas those who oppose the measure spent $1.7 million, according to news reports. Of that, the NRA spent roughly $350,000.

The initiative passed with nearly 60 percent of voters supporting it, and 55 percent rejected a competing measure proposing maintaining the status quo.

But how will I-594 “destroy itself” according to Noir? He doesn’t say specifically, but encourages gun owners to monitor the effectiveness of the law in order to contest it in other areas gun control groups introduce similar measures.

“The best thing we can do as gun owners to stop this thing from spreading to other states is to keep an eye on it. Publicize it every time this law turns a law abiding citizen into a criminal — share it on social media,” he says. “Don’t turn your eyes on Washington state and don’t give up on the good people who live there.”

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